Scheduled Maintenance
Whenever you stop for fuel
Check the engine oil level
Check the windshield washer fluid level
Check the tire pressure
Every 3,000 miles
Change engine oil and oil filter
Check power steering fluid level
Check brake fluid level
Check exterior lights
Clean the battery connections
Every 6,000 miles
Rotate tires
Inspect exhaust system connections
Lubricate all hinges, checks, latches
Lubricate door rubber weather strips
Clean and clear body water drain holes
Every 15,000 miles
Replace air filter
Replace PCV valve
Replace crankcase ventilation filter
Lubricate the suspension
Lubricate steering linkage
Inspect throttle body linkage
Every 30,000 miles
Replace automatic transmission fluid
Replace brake fluid
Replace crankcase emission filter
Replace end links
Replace engine coolant
Replace fuel filter
Replace ignition rotor
Replace spark plugs
Inspect brake pads
Inspect drive belt
Inspect engine coolant hoses
Inspect exhaust heat shields
Inspect ignition wires
Inspect rotor cap
Inspect seat belts for wear and operation
Inspect wheel bearings
Inspect wheel rotors

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