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Q: What is The Lincoln Mark VII Club?
A: The Lincoln Mark VII Club is a collection of automobile enthusiasts with common goals:
The preservation and maintenance of the Lincoln Mark VII and it’s history
The participation in public gatherings of like minded people
The sharing of knowledge, information, and experiences

Q: How much does it cost to be a Member?
A: $25.00US plus an initiation fee of $15.00 for the first year.

Q: How long does my Membership last?
A: Memberships can last a lifetime with annual renewals. Renewals begin on the anniversary of your personal start date.

Q: What do I get when I become a Lincoln Mark VII Club Member?
A: All Members receive, a 3” x 4” Lincoln Mark VII Club window decal, exclusive access to Member Only information on The Club's Forum, a customized E-Mail address, and automatic updates of all of our Shows, Meets, Cruises, and Events throughout the year!

Q: Will I be reminded that my membership ends?
A: Yes! Each year, you'll be notified that your membership is up for renewal. During this time, you'll also be given the opportunity to renew at a 3% savings over the regular annual Membership fee! That's just another reason to keep your email and contact information up-to-date with us.

Q: Will I be able to receive multiple usernames and passwords for all of my vehicles?
A: Yes. You are allowed as many Memberships as you like.

Q: How do I renew my Membership?
A: Renewal is quick, easy, and inexpensive. You can renew by US MAIL, ELECTRONICALLY with PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard, or in person by contacting a Club Board Member near you.

Q: How can I share questions and ideas with other Club Members?
A: At our many Events throughout the year and throughout the country, you'll have the opportunity to meet and greet with other enthusiasts just like you! You'll also have 24 hour access to a specialized online Forum and customized e-mail account. There are even online Live Chat Rooms for simultaneous multiple User conversations.

Q: What if I'm not that Internet savvy?
A: That's fine! We're a Car Club (that just so happens to have a Web Site). Almost all of our Events are done in person at Shows, Cruises, Meets, and even monthly breakfasts. You choose how you would like to be notified; E-Mail, US Mail, Telephone, or smoke signals (void where prohibited). The online resources such as Specifications and Technical references, will only increase your knowledge and enjoyment of this Classic American Car.

Q: Why should I renew my Membership if I receive most of the material and information in the first year?
A: Your Membership shows your support and enthusiasm for the World Wide Lincoln Mark VII Family. Your Membership fee helps to cover the costs of providing you with the BEST Car Club specifically for Lincoln Mark VIIs. Donations and fund raisers go directly back into the enjoyment of our Members, our Club, and our cars. We're a Member supported, Non-Profit Organization that receives no local, state, or federal assistance. We will continually evolve based on Member input and ideas.

Q: Why should I go to the Web Site?
A: Each time you visit the site, you'll have the opportunity to pick up additional information that wasn't there before.
Have live chats with other Club Members.
Check your e-mail.
Ask a question in our interactive online Forum.
Be creative with your very personalized online Photo Gallery.
Read reviews and see pictures and videos from Club events.

Q: Where may I get more information?
A: There are four convenient ways to contact the Club:
Attn: Secretary
The Lincoln Mark VII Club
Box 42678
Philadelphia, PA 19101-2678



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