painting engine parts

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painting engine parts

Postby cold_one » Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:58 pm

On my 91 LSC, some of the paint has worn off of the AC piping. Any recommendations other than masking everything and spraying them - taking them apart doesn't seem like a good plan. Ford paint or what? Thanks.
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Re: painting engine parts

Postby gadget73 » Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:16 pm

some is, some is not. The stuff on mine is painted at the compressor, but I think the liquid line from condensor to evaporator is not painted.

Clean it really good before painting. Carb cleaner works great for this. Then its just a matter of masking and painting. If you're so inclined, a small brush and black oil based paint will work too. I like TrueValue XO-Rust, applied with a natural bristle brush. It lays nicely and has good coverage. Don't use a synthetic brush, otherwise it will leave a bunch of hairs in the paint.
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Re: painting engine parts

Postby artbaileyjr » Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:58 am

The only ones that I have seen that are not painted black are replacements. I could be wrong, but that is my experience.

I refresh my painted hose fittings with gloss black rustolium and a large artist's brush. Rustolium drys so slowly that it flows out nicely and has a dull sheen so it looks just like the industrial paint used on the hose ends.

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Re: painting engine parts

Postby cold_one » Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:22 am

Thanks. My car is like the second photo - no where near as nice though. I am going to try and figure out how I can post pictures.
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