97 jeep cherokee

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97 jeep cherokee

Postby nickyb262 » Wed May 04, 2016 11:33 am

so this is going to be not only info about our 97 jeep cherokee but kinda just a follow along/documentation of the progress done with it.. i mean.. its already began and i have only a few pics of it.. but i plan on making sure i keep up wityh documenting every thing because i am horrible with that..

So the story goes....

we bought this jeep a few months back for my girlfriend... payed 550 for it...running and driving.... obviously not perfect and needed work but we drove it home from manchester nh to woodsville nh.. about 2 hours... ran great....steering had alot of play, RADIO WORKS (just saying)... so we get it back to the garage and start running threw every thing making a list of things it needs.... lucky for me i know these cherokees damn well... so we get there and theres no revers lights, rear leaf springs are sagging drastically, both front sway bar links are snapped off.. theres a hole in the tail pipe right at the bracket, and the exhaust manifold has the typical jeep crack right at the y to the collector... which pointed me at the motor mounts...which were definitely week... rocker panels are rotted.. but its primarily just the skins...inside looks great,,, a small section of the inner rocker needs to be replaced... rear shocks are shot... front shocks are shot... oil leak at the oil filter housing. trans fluid leak, crappy line patch... some shotty wiring... the guy we bought it from had gotten it at auction .. and after going threw the interior im pretty sure it was a search and seizure door panels were pulled off without care of the retainers... handle for the glove box was gone... steering column exposed, center console loose, plastic under rear seat snapped... rear hatch plastic snapped..rear hatch wouldn't open.. dome light didnt work... rear passenger side window was seal shut with silicone. no lights to both the regular and the 4wd shifter. check engine light was one.... it was reading p0700 and p0705.. along with another code that i just cant think of at the moment.. so the fun part is fixing this with pretty much no funding what so ever... which has been the story of my life since i found out that i am narcoleptic and well... who wants to hire some one like that... so scraping up a little bit here and there working on peoples cars.. so as it goes i ordered a bunch of parts... put helper springs in the rear which brought the back end back to level but the leaf springs are definitely no good, but new shocks and sway bar links in the front... put a new neutral safety switch and spark plugs in... which took care of the check engine light and gave me revers lights again...put in new motor mounts, ordered a new exhaust manifold.. fixed the wiring... and interior lights... fixed the rear hatch so it opens... all the fluids looked good.. did an oil change fixed the tranny lines, topped of the tranny fluid...then found sludge in the radiator... every was fine when we got it bud that just didnt seem right... so i drained and flushed the cooling system which seemed do nothing, every time the motor was started the coolant was dark and discolored.(uh-oh)... well the next day my girlfriend had a test to get her GED about a half hour away... i knew we shouldnt drive the jeep but aaaaa.. yea.... try explaining to your girlfriend that u cant drive the only vehicle u have at the moment and ur not sure whats wrong yet.... long story short we made it almost the hole way there.... then the cooling system started pressurizing like crazy and over filling the over flow tank... nasty brown coolant.... we were already running late and at that point it was obvious the head was cracked, so let the pressure off, and back in the jeep make it the rest of the way there.... by the time i got there bearings were knocking and she was smoking like a prostitute at tax time.. which brings us to about where we are now.... she got parked for a pit... i stripped the motor down and its ready to be pulled... picked up a parts jeep for 350 that has a good motor in it. turns out its got alot more than a good motor..i mean bodys shot but had some lift components,, a brand new set of rancho adjustable shocks in the rear brand new in the box... the hole front end was new... and i mean like brand new... boxes still in the back and no oil or dirt on them... guy let me know after i got there that the steering gear box had been rebuilt but he didnt think it was done right.. which turn out to be that the steering rod wasnt tight enough.. so i stripped that motor down and pulled it last night doing some clean up and new gaskets on it before i put it in...
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